Graphical Fonts

Two fonts are used across the site for all graphical elements. These are Verona and Modena. Below are some examples of how and where they are used.

Download the Verona and Modena Fonts
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HTML Fonts & Hyperlinks

Typography and hyperlinks for the 3 Shop should all use Trebuchet MS as the default HTML font. If Trebuchet MS should not be available on a users machine then Verdana is used as the replacement font. All graphical text elements will use Verona and Modena (as mentioned above).

Some of the most common styles used in the site are shown below. For a full list of all CSS styles used click here.

Generic body copy
Font: Trebuchet MS  Size: 12px   Style: none
Colour: #222222   Output: HTML Text

Generic Hyperlinks
Font Family: Trebuchet MS, Verdana Size: 12px Colour: #6f8389 Style: underline

Footer text
Font Family: Trebuchet MS, Verdana Size: 10px Colour: #000000

Download all CSS Files
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